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Big Anvil


The big things aren't limited to the little town of Casey, but can also be found in our neighboring town of Martinsville, Illinois. This anvil weighs in at a whopping 5,530 pounds and was created by Rowe Foundry.  If you are on your way East, you can travel along Route 40 (The Historic National Road) to check it out.  You can find it in Linn Park.

LOCATION:  14 N Mill Street, Martinsville, Illinois 62442  


The city of Martinsville is also the home of this awesome horseshoe!  This is very appropriate since Martinsville is the hometown of Dale Baird, the winningest thoroughbred horse trainer.  The horseshoe is located at the fairgrounds just south of town.  Although it has lost the title, it did hold the designation of World's Largest. 

LOCATION: 620 South York Street,

Martinsville, IL  62442  

Big Horseshoe
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