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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to view the World's Largest Things?

A: Nothing! All our attractions are absolutely free! Ringing the Wind Chime? Free! Climbing into the Mailbox? Free! Swinging in the giant Birdcage? Free!

Q: How late are your attractions open?

A: You can view most of our World's Largest and Big Things 24/7.  All of the current World's Largest items are outdoors, except the Wooden Shoes.  However, the shoes can be easily seen through the window at the Wildflour Bakery & Candy Co.  and the former World's Largest Crochet Hook and Knitting Needles can be seen through the window at the Yarn Studio.  Check the list on this site for locations! 


Q: Who is responsible for all these big things? 

A: The man behind the idea of Big Things Small Town is Jim Bolin. Bolin is a local business owner. Born and raised in Casey, he felt like he owed something to the community that has given him the opportunity to build a life, home, and business. All but two of the items were constructed by him and his crew from Bolin Enterprises, Inc.  The big pizza slicer was added by Trent Groothuis, and the big antlers were a gift.

Q: How much did all this cost? 

A: Truthfully, we've never figure up the cost, but it's a lot less than you might think. Most of the materials used are recycled. Almost all of the wood they use is old telephone poles.  Jim put them to good use!  As for the metal, much of it is damaged pipe and out of use oil tanks. Never one to throw away something that might be needed later, having a stash of junk has been quite an asset for these projects!  The bookworm, for example is made from junk pipe that Bolin had kept for 20 years...just in case.

Q: Where are the attractions located?

A: Casey is a small community located in East Central Illinois.  Its location on Interstate 70 mid-way between St. Louis, Missouri and Indianapolis, Indiana makes it a great stop for travelers!  Most of the attractions can be found close the the intersection of Main Street (Old National Road) and Central Avenue (Illinois Route 49).  This is the only stop light in town, so it is hard to miss!  You can park your car in one of the public parking lots and walk to view attractions and visit local shops.  After you visit downtown, hop in your car to view the two attractions (Golf Tee and Pitch Fork) on North East 13th Street.  Head east on Main Street.  You will pass the Library with the BIG Bookworm.  A little further, you will also pass the oldest remaining structure of the original Cumberland Settlement.  The Tee is located at the Casey Country Club, so watch for signs.  It is a public golf course, so pull right up to the Club House and head through the Pro Shop to get the best view.  You will follow NE 13th Street a little further to reach Richard's Farm Restaurant, home of the Pitchfork.    

Marshall, just east of Casey, is the home of the Gavel.  Find it on the courthouse steps!  Marshall has severall Wall Dog Murals that make it worth the trip! 

Q: What is the best time to visit the attractions?

A: The attractions can be viewed at any time, but our landscaping is so amazing that we suggest a visit in late Spring through early Fall.  Other optimal times to visit are during our Candy Canes on Main event (First Saturday in December), our Fourth of July Celebration, or our Annual Popcorn Festival (Labor Day Weekend).  We also have several weekend events.  Please check our Facebook page for upcoming events.  

Q: In addition to the Big Things, what else is there to do in Casey?

A: Casey has always had a fabulous city park!  Beautiful Fairview Park offers picnic spots, a children's playground, camping sites, a fishing pond, disc golf course, horseshoe pits, a skate park, ball diamonds, horse arena, and the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame Museum!  If you need a spot to relax during your visit, this is a great green space!

We are excited that our downtown is growing with more unique shops and eateries!  If you want the whole downtown experience, the optimal visiting hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10:00 and 5:00.

Q: Do you have a list with the addresses of all the attractions?

A: Yes!  To see a list of all the attractions and their addresses, click here.

Q: Does Casey offer tour guides?

A: Model Tees LLC Trolley Tours offers tours on a trolley with a step on guide.  Throughout the year, they also host special themed tours.  For special tour times and pricing, please call (217) 932-5050.   

There are designated bus parking spots near downtown, which makes it convenient to allow buses to park and guests to walk short distances to see many of the attractions

Q: Where can bus tours find additional information about Casey?

A: In addition to our big things website and social media outlets, the City of Casey and the Casey Chamber of Commerce both have websites.

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